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Bookmarking demon is a social bookmarking software that bookmarks your links automatically to many social bookmarking websites , in my bookmarking demon review i will show you what is bookmarking demon , how to best use it and also i will give you some exclusive bonuses bellow !

Features of bookmarking demon

-Bookmarking demon 5 comes preloaded with over 120 sites , you can add your own sites or list of sites.

-Bookmark multiple urls in the same time , in fact you can crawl your whole blog and bookmark every page on it .

-Shedule your bookmarking jobs.

-After submitting your urls you can instantly go to the pinger and find all the resulted urls ready to be pinger so you can get instant results from your links and index them faster.

-You can shouse between bignner mode or expert mode

My Exclusive Bookmarking Demon Bonus

If you order through my link you will receive my exclusive social bookmarking list of over 2600 working sites , just imagine what kind of exposure you will get if you send your link to all 2600 sites.

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